A very special meeting at Jubilee Lodge


On 6th March 2018 Jubilee Lodge, No. 8822 had a full house for an official visit by its  APGM Barry Cramer.

He took the Chair initially and presented a bookmark for the VSL in recognition of the Lodge having reached Vice Patron status and two Alms bags (for the Lodge having firstly achieved the honorific of Steward) in the Middlesex 2020 Festival.

He also gave the Lodge vouchers for £500 (£300 for Steward and £200 for Vice-Patron) that can be redeemed, and will be paid to our Masters Charity, The Langdon  Foundation that enables people with learning disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Jubilee is well on the way to becoming a Patron having donated on the evening a further £2,500 from its Relief Chest.

At the Festive Board W Bro Barry Cramer commented on the superb work of the evening by the WM Richard Manton who initiated Bro Eric Furman, who by trade is a wholesaler of jeans.

He also made special mention of the Ancient Charge that was delivered superbly, in alternate paragraphs, by the Master and Immediate Past Master Azmon Rankohi.

Jubilee Lodge was delighted to have had one of its busiest meetings in years with an action-packed Festive Board.

Gerry Inow delivered the speech to the Initiate by explaining why each person was present and asking them to stand up so by the end only the Initiate was seated.

The Initiates Song and Initiates Chain was fun and brought a smile to everyone’s faces

Eric responded saying that he has long held a desire to join the Craft, not just to participate in the ceremonies, but also to immerse himself in its charitable work.

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