Jubilee Lodge No 8822

History of the Lodge

Jubilee Lodge No 8822 was formed in 1977 and consecrated in May 1978. The Jubilee name was chosen in acknowledgement of the Queen’s silver anniversary of her accession to the throne. But originally it wanted to be called something different. Many of the original 27 petitioners of the lodge were members of the Sabre Investment Club who met up and discussed their favourite shares and then traded their collegiate choice on the stock exchange. Allegedly they did not make a fortune but the best decision was to form a lodge to maintain their firm friendships. The masons of Sabre made a request to form a lodge led by Michael Green who is the Father of the Lodge. The non masons of that club were the first batch of initiates. However the name Sabre was deemed controversial as it was felt to be too aggressive so the name Jubilee Lodge No 8822 came into being.

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