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Jubilee Lodge Harrow Masonic Centre

Harrow Lodge was formed in 1870, so Freemasonry has a long history in the Harrow area. There are records of a Lodge being held at the Chandos Arms in Edgware in the 1720s and typically, the usual meeting places in the Province were at local hostelries. With the influence of the developing transport system in the early part of the last century, and the rapid urbanisation (or Sub-urbanisation) of the area, Freemasonry developed rapidly, and it become obvious that a dedicated Masonic Centre was needed.

In 1944, a meeting involving 52 Masonic organisations was held (this eventually became the Harrow District Masonic Council) and a target figure of £30,000 was set to finance a new Masonic Centre. In 1946, the old Vicarage site in Sheepcote Road was acquired and later the Herga Cinema. But planning permission was withheld for both sites, which were later sold at a profit. It was not until 1953, that the Northwick Sports Centre was purchased with a mortgage of £10,000. Planning permission was subsequently obtained, and the Centre was opened in October 1954.

The Harrow Masonic Centre as it is today was adapted and developed to make it suitable for Masonic use. For example, a squash court became a meeting room, and another is now part of the bar, whilst the tennis courts were covered for parking. Various further changes have taken place over the years, the most significant being the building of the principal meeting rooms in 1966.

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